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Patricia's Books

King of the Beasts


This book was awarded the Sunshine Coast Council and Government Arts Grant in 2016. The giraffe has that rolling gait and that royal regal look of state.

And those two little bumps for a crown that he wears above his puzzled frown.

The Peacock Palace



The Peacock Palace had a room to rent for an elegant gentleman but the only applicant was an elephant.

The elegant elephant rents the room.

The Importance of Being Moki - $15.00

Moki's a backyard princess. Her stripes march and match at every seam making her eyes dance. What can she do to improve herself and become a real princess and so be more important. 

Moki's Crystal Palace - $15.00

A sunny spell always creates Moki's glasshouse into her Crystal Palace.A magic place for the afternoon breeze to visit and hum like a bee on a lollipop tree. Moki falls asleep and a tornado approaches quickly. What will happen?

Pipi Visits the Jungle Pet Shop - $15.00

One night Pipi possums into the Jungle Pet Shop and is curious to what she might find. After dark it is a dangerous place in jungle time. Who's there waiting in the dark?

The Infinity Image

A collection of poems and short stories celebrating the Infinity Image and reflections that mirror our lives.

This is my latest book, that is available from  IngramSpark and Amazon.

My Latest Book

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